All information you provide on this form will be used to determine eligibility and proper placement for the enrollment into the full-time virtual program.


The student has access to a computer and Internet in his / her home.

Students who enroll in one of these options must meet at least one of the following criteria specified in section 1002.455, F.S.

Select Yes for all criteria apply:
The student spent the prior school year in attendance at a public school in the state and was enrolled and reported by the school district for funding during October and February for purposes of the Florida Education Finance Program surveys.
The student is a dependent child of a member of the United States Armed Forces who was transferred within the last 12 months to this state from another state or from a foreign country pursuant to a permanent change of station order.
The student was enrolled during the prior school year in a virtual instruction program under s. 1002.45, the K-8 Virtual School Program under s. 1002.415, or a full-time Florida Virtual School program under s. 1002.37(8)(a).
The student has a sibling who is currently enrolled in a virtual instruction program and the sibling was enrolled in that program at the end of the prior school year.
The student is eligible to enter kindergarten or first grade.
The student will be entering grades 2 through 5 in the upcoming school year.

(Note: if your student is currently enrolled with Volusia County Schools the address MUST match)  *