Volusia Online Learning
Part-Time 6-12

Volusia Online Learning offers part-time opportunities to students in grades 6-12.

  • VOL offers part-time opportunities to students in grades 6-12
  • VOL part-time program is open to all Volusia County students including registered home education students, students attending private and charter schools, and students that reside outside of Volusia County
  • VOL part-time program offers all core subject courses and many electives. Please see our Course Catalog for a complete list
  • VOL courses are offered in multiple platforms to allow students the choice of platform that works best for them
  • VOL courses are accessible to students 24/7 for maximum flexibility
  • VOL has an open enrollment system which allows students to add courses throughout the school year
  • VOL uses highly qualified Volusia County School teachers to provide personalized instruction and one on one support to our students
  • VOL teachers are available flexible hours to meet with students virtually or at the student’s zoned school

Education Program Choice 2019/2020

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In order to be a Home Education student, you must be enrolled as a Volusia County School’s Home Education student. The parent/guardian of the home education student is responsible for their student’s education, which includes enrollment, annual reviews, course selection, transcripts, etc. For more information, please visit this website or call (386) 734-7190 extensions: 23549 or 23551

The part time 2020-2021 application will be available July 21st.

For 2020 summer school please use the 2020 Summer School tab.