Welcome to Volusia Online Learning!

This program meets the needs of students who learn productively on their own time, in their own space. VOL expands the variety of academic  opportunities for Volusia County students and serves as one way to fulfill the online graduation requirement for Florida students. Beginning with the class of 2015, students must  successfully complete one virtual or blended course to receive a diploma. Students in grades 6-8 who successfully complete an online course for high school credit will fulfill the requirement. Students who are eligible for acceleration may choose to enroll in a virtual course. Students can work online any time, any place.

VOL teachers are district employees who are highly qualified and fully certified. All course offerings are aligned to the Florida standards and district curriculum maps, ensuring quality and rigor.

Volusia Online Learning Part-Time registeration is open - APPLY TODAY!

Why Volusia Online Learning?

  • Open enrollment throughout the school year.
  • Courses can be scheduled as part of a student’s regular school day OR beyond the school day.
  • Students can work on their courses any  time, any place.
  • Students have access to an online resource center as well as web-based and face-to-face tutorial sessions with instructors.
  • All instructors are Florida certified and employed by Volusia County Schools.
  • Instructors available for parent conferences at schools.

If you are interested in taking more than 3 courses through our Part-Time program, you will need to register for the first 3 through the FLVS platform. Then, you will need to call/email our office for any additional courses to be added to your schedule.