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Before you complete the student online application please read the following statements regarding Volusia Online Learning (VOL) and check each statement that you understand:

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All students entering Volusia Online Learning must submit a completed registration packet and attend an orientation session.
Attendance & Promotion
Students demonstrate attendance in virtual courses by staying on pace with their course work. Students must complete a minimum of 5% of their course work per week. If students are not on pace with their course work, they can be withdrawn for non-attendance. Volusia Online Learning is a school of choice and a public school in Volusia County. Students will be held to promotion requirements of VCS and the State of Florida. Students who do not complete requirements for promotion will retained. If a child is retained, he/she cannot re-enroll with Volusia Online Learning.

Students enrolled in Volusia Virtual School are considered public school students and are required to participate in all state and district mandated testing, including, but not limited to FSA and End of Course Exams. State and district mandated tests will be administered at the student’s zoned school. Transportation is not provided.

Learning Coach
Each family must have a learning coach, a responsible adult who is available to monitor student's computer access, engage in student follow up activities, facilitate learning, provide support with homework assignments, manage the receipt and use of instructional materials and ensure student participation in mandatory testing.

Communication by the teacher, student, and parent is vital to the academic success of each student. Students and parents (or Learning Coach) must establish regular communication with all teachers via e-mail, text message, Skype and/or phone. Welcome calls and progress calls will be conducted between teacher, parent, and student. Parents and students are responsible for returning teacher contact.

Students will be enrolled in 6 courses and are expected to complete all required course work for a given grade level during the school year. Students must complete a minimum of 5% of their course work per week. During the first 14 days of enrollment, students who fail to submit the minimum number of assignments with passing grades will be removed from the course and may be withdrawn as a student with Volusia Online Learning Full Time Enrollment. After the 14th day, if a student does not submit the minimum number of assignments each week, the student may be withdrawn and issued a Withdraw Fail on their academic transcript.

Academic Integrity
If at any time a student exhibits a behavior that may be indicative of cheating in any form, the student may be required to take one or more assessments in a supervised setting. Additionally, Volusia Online Learning (grades 6-12) randomly selects 10% or more of the student population to participate in proctored assessments. These assessments are identical to the tests students would take at home, but are administered at Volusia Online Learning and documented for quality assurance purposes.

Enrollment in Volusia Online Learning Full-Time program is expected to be a commitment for a minimum of one school semester. Students withdrawing from Volusia Online Learning Full Time Program will be required to enroll back into their zoned school or another educational option in the district. Students who attend a Volusia County Public School with a zone waiver prior to enrollment in the Volusia Online Learning Full Time will forfeit their seat upon enrollment in the Volusia Online Learning.

To be successful in the program, students must have daily dedicated access to a computer, monitor, and internet. A family that is not capable of supplying this technology in the home may be eligible to receive assistance acquiring the necessary technology by completing an application to determine eligibility. Technical support for any supplied technology is the responsibility of the student.

Registration Window
Registration for full time enrollment with Volusia Online Learning will be limited to once per year. Registration packets will not be accepted after these dates unless administratively approved. All new students and parents MUST attend a mandatory orientation prior to enrollment.

Registration Information
Volusia Online Learning is a public school and all enrollment requirements established by the Florida Department of Education and Volusia County Public Schools must be met. Families will be required to complete all registration materials and supply the necessary documentation to enroll a child in Volusia Online Learning.

Enrollment in Volusia Online Learning is a commitment by both the student and family. VOL is a school of choice, thus failure to meet program requirements may result in withdraw and/or jeopardize eligibility for the following school year. By continuing below, you are indicating your knowledge of the commitment necessary and your agreement with the program policies and expectations.

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