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This program meets the needs of students who learn productively on their own time, in their own space. VOL expands the variety of academic opportunities for Volusia County students and serves as one way to fulfill the online graduation requirement for Florida students. Students must successfully complete one virtual or blended course to receive a diploma. Students in grades 6-8 who successfully complete an online course for high school credit will fulfill the requirement. Students who are eligible for acceleration may choose to enroll in a virtual course. Students can work online any time, any place. VOL teachers are district employees who are highly qualified and fully certified. All course offerings are aligned to the Florida standards and district curriculum maps, ensuring quality and rigor.

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If you are interested in taking more than 3 courses through our Part-Time program, you will need to register for the first 3 through the FLVS platform. Then, you will need to call/email our office for any additional courses to be added to your schedule.

VOL Students - Access to your courses

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FLVS - Part-time course access for students taking a course for original credit

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Edgenuity - vPortal access for eLearning, Hospital Homebound, Off Campus Instruction, Home Instruction, EBD, Credit Retrieval, Halifax Behavioral students, and Part-Time students who have a transfer grade, a prior quarter grade in the course, or are taking the course for credit retrieval.

Volusia Online Learning Courses

New Courses for 2018/2019 School Year:

  • Middle School:
      Critical Thinking | Peer Counseling | Journalism | Business Keyboarding

  • High School:
      Forensic Science | Environmental Science | Calculus

Visit the Volusia Online Learning course catalog for descriptions of all our courses.

24 Highly Qualified Teachers
1683 Students enrolled
26 Schools Being Served

Student Testimonials

See what our students think about the VOL program!

<strong>"Josh M."</strong>, Algebra 2 Honors Student
The instructor really was great at tutoring and making sure I understood the material when I had questions.
"Josh M.", Algebra 2 Honors Student
<strong>"Sandra D."</strong>, World History Honors Student
My teacher is very involved and is always easily accessible.
"Sandra D.", World History Honors Student
<strong>"Luke P."</strong>, English 3 Student
I like how easy it is to ask for help.
"Luke P.", English 3 Student
<strong>"Latisha M."</strong>, MS Science Student
I love everything about my VOL course, but mostly I love how I'm treated, the way it is set up, and how I can navigate it without any problems.
"Latisha M.", MS Science Student
<strong>"Seth T."</strong>, Math for College Readiness Student
The lessons were very helpful, and I learned so much! Every instructor in VOL has been the most helpful and kind, sweet people I've ever had the chance to talk with. They are always there for you and want you to do well.
"Seth T.", Math for College Readiness Student
<strong>"Sarah R."</strong>, Marine Science Student
The teacher was kind and was always available when needed. She was an amazing instructor and extremely helpful. She always replied very fast and took care of any problems I was having. Everything was extremely clear within the course and easy to understand.
"Sarah R.", Marine Science Student
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