Career and Technical Education (CTE)

Congratulations to our students who have attained their industry certification.



Industry Certification Courses

VOL is proud to offer courses that prepare a student to take an industry certification. These courses provide the instruction, test preparation, and certification test. All courses are full year courses. Unless noted the industry certifications can be taken from home.

Diversified Career Technology Principles (DCT) 8303010
Industry Certification: Entrepreneurship & Small Business

Digital Information Technology (DIT) 8207310
Industry Certification: Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) – Introduction to Programming Using HTML and CSS (until 6/30/22)

Multimedia Technology 9003470H
Industry Certification: Adobe Bundle, Photoshop and Premiere Pro

IT Systems and Applications 9003430H
Industry Certification: CompTIA IT Fundamentals+ (Note: Must report into a test center)

If you need more information on these industry certifications please contact: Mr. Clifford Scarborough

On the Job Training (OJT)

On-the-Job Training (OJT) is the student’s release time from the school campus when a student is authorized to leave school early and report to his/her training site. It is a component of a cooperative education program that enables students to apply classroom instruction to their training site experiences.
OJT Guidelines - student must agree to the following:

  • OJT students must be employed (on the payroll) at a company that carries workers’ compensation and liability insurance coverage.
  • OJT students are required to participate in meetings with OJT Coordinator throughout the school year.
  • OJT students are required to physically turn in provided OJT timecards on the 1st Monday of the following month. (mailed or dropped off to VOL office)
  • OJT students may not change jobs or leave their current job without prior authorization.
  • OJT students must regularly attend all in-school classes to remain in the program.
  • OJT students must be at least 16 and have available transportation to be OFF-campus for OJT periods.

Required Grade Level: Junior (11) and Senior (12) only
Enrollment in VOL: Full Time (7023) or Part Time (7006)

Minimum Work Hours:

Credit(s) Earned 

Work Hours Required Weekly (for 36 weeks) 

OJT Release Period(s) 

5 hours 

1 Period 

10 hours 

2 Periods 

15 hours 

3 Periods 

2021-22 - Last Day to Add (Must have Training Agreement and Training Plan signed and completed.)
Fall Semester – September 17th 
Spring Semester – December 16th

OJT Forms Request

For more information contact: Mrs. Scarborough


Can a student be self-employed?
No, a student must have an employer and supervisor for their training site. Contract work and self-employment do not fit the definition of On-The-Job Training. Students also must be paid in accordance to Federal and State Guidelines.